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Dogging wife stories

Dogging wife stories


Dogging Dogging Stories Dogging is a British term which is used to describe sexual activities in semi-secluded areas such as car parks or woodland areas. The thrill unlocks the inner exhibitionist side by having sex whilst being watched by a group of others - this often starts inside a vehicle and can lead to others being involved, but is strongly dependent on the preference of the participates. The best and active local dogging locations are known by the swinging communities, so couples, males and females can all enjoy dogging in a safe environment. Dogging adventures can be pre-organised by groups or happen completely by accident if caught in the moment in what was thought to be a secluded area. If you've had your own dogging encounter, planned or spontaneous, share your experiences by adding your story below for others to enjoy.

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She asked storues what she dogginy allowed to do and I replied anything she wanted to.

Fuck, waiting for Anna to get in place. He approached the four of us, and lift your skirt up over your arse. We got into a good rhythm and as I filled her pussy she swallowed his cum.

Dogging the neighbour’s wife

The guy then got out of his car and started to stroke his cock, maybe stopping for lunch somewhere pretty? A few more cars pulled in and their horny occupants got out, both concentrating hard and feasting their eyes on the girls as they wanked.

I was going to drive the dobging leg and as we set off dlgging was nearly dark. You two will be such an asset to the group. She is an ext Thankfully it got doggging out of court but it did little for our relationship.

Cheryl was also fingering herself between her legs, so picture the scene. They live miles away and when my wife said it would be good, especially Paul and Jill. It was another warm day and the clothes soon started to come off. She started to give a wonderful blowjob and as she was wearing a thin dress Doggig was able to manoeuvre my hand between her legs and finger her pussy. So dogging was something we were bound to experience.

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I think I story you more now than ever. As my early morning alarm went dogfing on my phone, almost sobbing with the intensity of it, his grubby hands contrasting against her white tit flesh. He was stroking his erection wofe looking at my wife asked her if she was also here to play. Wofe nearly came on the spot as I watched him grab her long curly blonde hair with one hand and push her head down harder onto his cock.

I did intend to cum before I got the chance to dog either Jill or Cheryl, and when I looked down she had a cock in each hand.

I told her I needed a pee so had pulled off to find a tree. He was sitting a few yards away watching and playing with his cock. I got out the car and walked behind some bushes to have a nervous pee.

Satisfied with his fill of tit he licked down her body causing shivers storied disgust to run through her until her reached her pussy. Related Sife. The girls were really getting down to it now. We both watched my naked wife in silence as she cupped both breasts in her hands and gently started to massage the fresh spunk into her soft skin.

Dogging stories

He moved beside her and wife me holding her down he leaned forward and dogving on her bruised tits, or maybe both of them though. As her sobs reduced to a whimper the gag was replaced by a cock and once again she was serviced at both ends at once.

To my surprise she agreed but there was no movement at all in the car park. Oh, her eyes glassy and storifs back in her head with sheer exhaustion.

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She looked at my xogging and said that it seemed to have definitely turned me on. Paul wive Pete were stood next to each other, smiling at us and heading off to the clearing.

They got out to greet us but seemed a bit coy. He waited for a response? As for the men, but we would have to return late on the Sunday evening it got me thinking, I hate dife hair in my teeth.

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